For some people, a stop at the airport is a time not to be bothered. You just want to get to your terminal, get your luggage taken care of, and move on. But sometimes, when you are a hockey player on the verge of the Western Conference Finals, you feel obligated to pose for a quick photo with some fans. When that happens, you do what you have to do and move on.

That appears to be the mental state for Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers in a photo shared on Twitter by Global Edmonton weather anchor Margeaux Maron. McDavid paused to take a photo with two Oilers fans who grabbed ahold of the hockey player, making it nearly impossible to escape. You can imagine why McDavid would have the look of despair and nervousness on his face that he had.

With one fan clutching his arm and the other holding his hand, this may be one of the oddest airport photos we have seen in some time. But just look at the happy faces on those fans holding on to McDavid. This moment clearly made their day. The same may not be said for McDavid if a photo truly does tell a story, but he can move on knowing he did his part to make a couple of fans happy.


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