Anna Kane

Earlier this week, Edmonton Oilers left winger Evander Kane suffered a scary and gruesome injury on the ice when he accidentally slashed his wrist on a skate blade leaving him bleeding on the ice. Kane had to be transported to a local hospital and required surgery after the terrifying incident, but his ex-wife Anna Kane seemed pretty unconcerned.

Shortly after Kane’s scary injury, his ex-wife Anna Kane made a pretty insensitive post on her Instagram story, promoting her OnlyFans account with a caption that read “Only smiles over here.”

“Anna Kane posts ‘only smiles over here’ and promotes her only fans after her ex husband, Evander, got his wrist slit by a skate and was transported to a hospital. Disgusting,” CenterIceHockey said on Twitter.

It’s certainly a bad look. But to make matters worse, Anna Kane didn’t even acknowledge her actions. Instead, she tried to lie her way out of the situation, as CenterIceHockey pointed out.

“Anna Kane, quickly removed her “all smiles over here” post from 5 minutes after her ex Evander got his wrist slit. She is ill,”  Today she tried to cover it up and reposted a completely different Instagram story from earlier yesterday saying ‘this had nothing to do with Evander!'”

As for Evander Kane, he appears to be doing well after the scare on the ice.