The NHL released a statement on Saturday announcing that they “intend to conduct a full investigation” into allegations made by San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane’s wife, Anna, claiming he bet on his own games.

The Sharks also released a statement, saying that they have been in contact with the NHL and “support a full and transparent investigation into the situation to maintain the integrity of the game and consistency with [their] team values.”

Anna Kane made a series of Instagram posts alleging that her husband has a gambling addiction and bet on his own games.

“How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games with bookies to win money? Hmm, maybe someone needs to address this.”

“Can someone ask Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?”

Kane also claims in the posts that she had to sell her wedding ring “to have any money to survive” while he parties “every day every night.” Among many other disturbing details, Anna also alleges that she struggles to afford baby formula due to his lifestyle, and that Evander abandoned her and their one-year-old daughter while she’s pregnant.

So you leave July 8th you do not call or text at all for 7 days then you inform me you are going to Europe for a vacation must be nice, but at the same time tell me our house is being taken by the bank but do not come home to help ur pregnant wife pack or help her with anything at all. You have enough money to party and stay in hotels in Europe go to dinners every night, but I can’t buy my daughter formula and u force me to sell my wedding ring to have any money to survive as you party every day every night, never calling your daughter and never asking not even one time how I’m doing by myself. I don’t know if there are even words to describe the kind of evil person that you are to abandon your wife who is pregnant with ur son and your one year old daughter who walked around the house with her bunny saying dada for a week looking for you. Don’t post old pictures like your home or like your with her. Everyone knows the type of person you are.

Evander, 29, filed for bankruptcy in January with nearly $27 million in debt. He signed a seven-year, $49 million contract with the Sharks in 2018.

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