A case of “he said, he said” has broken out in the Finish Elite League, more commonly known as Liiga where a player was sent off and then later suspended for looking at the referee and making a “masturbation gesture” toward him after a bad call.

The Liiga report, which is in Finnish but thanks to Google Translate, said that KooKoo RW Malte Strömwall was supposedly upset about what he felt was a bad call that went against him. A few seconds later, it was reported by the line referee that Strömwall looked at the referee and made a shaking gesture with his hand that could be seen as a dismissive “wanking” motion that he apparently didn’t much appreciate the call or the referee. Strömwall maintains that he was just waving his hand to alleviate pain after he was hit in the wrist by a stick, assuming that was the source of the bad call.

Judge for yourself if this is a mere accident or a sign of what Strömwall thinks of the referee.

The Liiga Disciplinary Delegation went in depth with what I’m calling “Wankgate.” The panel ruled that while Strömwall could have a point in that he was alleviating pain in his wrist, that a delay of “1 to 4 seconds” from initial contact to waving his hand and get rid of the pain “reduces the reliability of the Strömwall report.” They announced a one game suspension.

A similar situation happened with Travis Kelce when he made a similar motion in reaction to a bad call. Kelce was fined $11,025 and his motion was a lot more clear and obvious. What do you know, sometimes the United States isn’t as prudish as our European counterparts.



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