Earlier we showed you Nashville’s first two goals, scored in rapid-fire succession, as they built a 2-1 lead on Pittsburgh in what might have been a pivotal game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

But if you need a refresh, here they are again:

That put the Preds up 2-1 in the second period, but perhaps buoyed by the home crowd, they commenced berserker mode, absolutely shutting the door on the Penguins with three more goals:

Breakaway action!

That’s five unanswered goals for Nashville, a thorough dismantling at home. The series is now 2-1 in favor of Pittsburgh, but they can’t be thrilled about having to play another game in Nashville, where the Predators have only lost once this postseason, and that was in overtime.

Still, the Penguins are really good too, so Nashville can’t take anything for granted. Hopefully the series goes the distance, because watching P.K. Subban try to strip a spinning Sidney Crosby in the neutral zone is something we can all get behind.

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