The Florida Panthers are at the center of a rather unflattering story involving their mascot, Stanley C. Panther, and a disposable glove company called U-Glove. Online hockey fans roared over a bizarre promotion that’s loaded with innuendo featuring the team’s mascot and the gloves.

Put your mind in the gutter and let us know what this promotion could also be describing. Credit to /r/Hockey for finding this masterpiece.

“Glove. Pump. Go!”

No one thought that was a bad idea?

That #PumpClean hashtag might be more appropriate for a condom company. But maybe we should move away from all of the sexual jokes that basically write themselves. Let’s talk about the product itself.

The single-use glove is supposed to keep your hands clean while you’re pumping gas. Is this really a problem people are having? Isn’t this a perfect example of an incredibly wasteful product that no one really needs? Installing some hand sanitizer pumps would alleviate any germ concerns people have when pumping gas. Those defending the product by saying this helps keep gas off of your hand may need a crash course in how to pump gas.

It’s casually mentioned that the gloves are recyclable, but there’s no mention on the website how you can actually recycle them. We’d wager that the vast majority end up in trash cans located around the gas pumps as no recycling bin or container is mentioned. With that in mind, it’s kind of strange to see a hockey team partnering with this kind of company given the league’s push to become more environmentally friendly. Like many other hockey and professional sports teams, the Panthers have had a series of conservation initiatives. This one seems to fly in the face of those efforts.

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