The number one rule in life is “Never tweet.” The number two rule in life is, “If you have to tweet, never make a bet that involves getting a tattoo, no matter how far-fetched.” Hockey fan Daylen Hopkins broke both rules and now he’s got a face on his butt to prove it.

In February, Hopkins tweeted that if both the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings lose in the first round of the NHL Playoffs, he will get a tattoo on his butt of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s face.

Even if you didn’t pay attention to the playoffs, you know how this went.

The Blackhawks lost to the St. Louis Blues in the first round and the Kings lost to the San Jose Sharks in the first round. And with that, a tattoo artist got to put his Bettman Face skills to the test.

Hopkins maintained a good sense of humor about the ink, telling Puck Daddy, “I don’t know if he’ll be proud, but I do hope [Gary Bettman] sees it. His tattoo is probably the most people will ever laugh about Gary Bettman in a non ‘I hate Gary Bettman’ way.”


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