Viral Fight

While fights certainly aren’t uncommon in the sport of hockey, usually those fights take place on the ice between players. But during Wednesday night’s game between the Dallas Stars and the Minnesota Wild, it was a pair of fans who were trading punches in the stands.

According to one fan who witnessed the fight, the whole argument initially started due to some confusion regarding ticketing and seat assignments. But as seen in a video shared on Twitter, it escalated past that point quite quickly.

In the video, a Dallas Stars fan with a mullet wearing a Jamie Benn jersey appears to be instigating a fight, saying “How ’bout you step down here and I’ll box your a**” to the fan sitting in the row above him. When the other fan didn’t reply, the fan in the Benn jersey then muttered the N-word.

“All right then,” he said. “Stay the f*** up there. Dumbass n****.”

At that, the other fan hit him right in the jaw, knocking him back into the seats in front of him.

The mulleted fan tried to fight back but was quickly pinned down to the seats.

It was an absolutely wild scene, and the sports world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

It’s safe to say the day did not go the way he expected.

[Jeremy Beedling]