Here’s something you don’t see every day, or any day, really. Until today.

According to tweets from onlookers, an ice resurfacer caught fire immediately after a youth league hockey practice in Rochester, New York. With the operator still on board, it then began wildly zooming around the ice, despite some kids still skating.

The voice in the final video is asking the same question that I found myself asking out loud, to no one: why is the driver still on board? (The driver who might be named Jordan.)

A plausible explanation: he was finding a way to try and get it away from people and back towards the center of the rink. Considering how potentially dangerous the situation was, it makes sense. Here’s someone on Twitter, whose words I am taking as ice resurfacer gospel:

But, according to people on the scene, the driver is okay:

If everyone is indeed okay here, that’s one of the wildest near-horrible accidents ever. Thankfully it’s instead just one of the wildest videos we’ve seen in a while. Ice resurfacer content is always pretty good, but this one enters the pantheon.

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