Care to watch an Islanders game in the bed of a truck? Who hasn’t gazed into the stars and dreamt of that very moment! Well, I’ve got the story for you.

Honda and the New York Islanders are teaming up to hold a contest with a unique prize. A “lucky” fan can win tickets to an Islanders game and watch the third period from the truck bed of a Honda Ridgeline.

Isles in-arena host Alyse Baker and franchise great Clark Gillies teamed up for the contest video announcement. Featuring the duo belting Queens’ “We are the Champions,” the spot is cute, even if the added fake audience noises are bad (common now, this isn’t Carpool Karaoke).

Sitting in the back of the truck is the grand prize, but Honda is also giving away four chances to win a Ridgeline. Four winners will grab a stick and attempt to score in a good old’ fashion shoot competition.

Back to the truck. I’ve got questions:

  1. Is it worth it to sit through two periods of an Islanders game to sit in the flatbed of a truck for one?
  2. Why just the third period? Does the truck block Zamboni access?
  3. Please tell me the truck is at least decked out with seating and beer, right? The Isles aren’t going to make someone hang off the side of a truck the entire game, are they? This is the Islanders.. so we’ll have to wait and see.
  4. How come the grand prize is worse than the secondary prize? I’d much rather get a chance to WIN the truck.
  5. Is this the best marketing integration Honda and the Isles could come up with? Really? Really?
  6. Nobody’s actually going to win a truck, are they?

Alas, sitting in the bed of a truck to watch a single period of a New York Islanders game doesn’t seem like all that much of an incentive or prize. Unless the truck has a Pimp My Ride-like truck bed featuring a sweet sound system and a GameCube. A man can dream.

[NY Islanders’ official website]

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