Hockey players are a tough bunch by nature, and a missing tooth isn’t necessarily a game-ending issue. However, four teeth getting knocked out during one play and continuing on when you’re 43 years old — that is something to marvel at.

It is exactly what happened to Florida Panthers’ elder statesman Jaromir Jagr on Tuesday night. He took a major high stick to the face during the first period of the game against the Ottawa Senators and was left missing some teeth.

No penalty at all was called on what replays showed was a pretty easy call to make for high sticking. How else do you explain four missing teeth and a bloody mess on the ice?

Jagr didn’t complain much, instead choosing to get cleaned up and back to the ice for the rest of the game. It didn’t take long for the 43-year old future Hall of Famer to make Ottawa pay for the missing teeth.

In the second period, Jagr went on to assist on the opening goal of the Panthers’ eventual 2-1 victory over the Senators.

At least Jagr had a sense of humor about the who situation, taking to Twitter to ask Santa for some new front teeth following the game.

Although, the picture may be better suited for Jagr to go trick-or-treating as Count Dracula than to celebrate Christmas and the rest of the holidays out there.

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