New York Rangers fans didn’t have too much to cheer about in Game 3 in their first round matchup against the Montreal Canadiens. The Rangers dropped Game 3 by a 3-1 score to fall behind 2-1 in the series as Alexander Radulov and the Canadiens put on an impressive display on the road.

Though the outcome was disappointing for Rangers fans, there was one pretty awesome moment for the Madison Square Garden crowd as Kevin Klein flipped Torrey Mitchell into the New York Rangers bench with a monster check.

Mitchell tried to move closer to the boards in order to absorb the check, but his decision backfired as he went flying into the enemy bench.

As cool as it is to see a player flipping over the boards, it’s actually a pretty scary moment for everyone involved. Considering every player has the equivalent of razor blades strapped to their feet, it’s unsettling when a player flips into the bench and his skates go flying up near everyone’s face. Other similar plays resulted in some nasty cuts on players on their neck/face which is obviously pretty terrifying.

Thankfully, Mitchell’s skates didn’t clip anyone and he wasn’t pummeled for entering into unwanted territory.

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