A Leafs' fan eats shit.

If the Twitter era has taught us anything, it’s to not make rash vows about what you’ll do if a sports thing happens. Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan Chris Rochford should have heeded that lesson. On Saturday’s Hockey Night In Canada featured game, the Maple Leafs fell behind 3-0 against the archrival Montreal Canadiens, and Rochford vowed to eat shit out of his cat’s litter box if they came back to win. Well, reader, they did just that, winning 6-3 in the end. And Rochford lived up to his end of the bargain:

Okay, then. Let this serve as a lesson to everyone else to never vow to eat literal shit. Or crow, for that matter,  It’s much better to, say, just eat your words.

[Chris Rochford on Twitter]

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