You have to be a unique type of crazy to be a hockey goalie. Honestly, who wants to voluntarily try and block vulcanized rubber being shot at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour? There’s a reason why hockey fans openly accept that their goalie is insane. It’s part of the territory.

If you needed further proof that hockey goalies are crazy, check out this compilation of Marc-Andre Fleury thanking and speaking with his goal posts whenever a shot rang off the pipe.

Every goalie has their own brand of crazy and Fleury’s happens to be one of the more adorable kinds. Many goalies will tap the posts during their pre-game routines, but Fleury’s loving taps during actual play is almost endearing.

Aside from the love taps, Fleury appears to be also having a fairly detailed talk with the pipes. We can only imagine what that conversation is like.

Fleury is one of the most surprising stories in the playoffs as well as one of the best feel-good stories of the playoffs. Fleury was nearly traded earlier in the year, but was called into playoff action as expected starter Matt Murray went down with an injury. Since then, he’s more than answered the call and has helped give the Penguins every opportunity to win … with a little help from his posts.

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