Marshawn Lynch drives a Seattle Kraken Zamboni.

Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch has long been known for several things beyond the field of play, including unusual vehicles. In particular, the day after a California Golden Bears win over the Washington Huskies in 2007 saw him drive the injury cart around on the field afterwards. That even led to a celebratory bobblehead from Cal in 2016, and to Lynch again driving the cart at the game (also against Washington) where the school handed those out.

Well, Lynch (also known for his 2010-15 time with the Seattle Seahawks)  is now involved with another Washington-based franchise, coming in (along with rapper Macklemore) as a part owner of the NHL’s Seattle Kraken. And that then led to videos of Lynch driving the club’s Zamboni at their practice facility:

Hopefully this will lead to a Lynch Kraken Zamboni bobblehead to pair with the Cal golf cart one. But beyond that, Lynch’s involvement here is interesting. As he said in a statement, an ownership role in a team is a dream for him:

“This is something I never would have imagined. I always dreamed of playing on a professional team but owning one is something special. As I look back on some of my accomplishments — I retired before I was 30 and now being an owner of a professional club at the age of 35 – I’m gonna continue to count my blessings.”

Lynch became a part owner of the Oakland Roots USL team last year, and now he’s part of a NHL ownership group as well. We’ll see how Lynch’s ownership role with the Kraken goes. But it’s certainly produced at least one notable video.

[Brian Cobb on Twitter, For The Win; photo from the Seattle Kraken on Twitter]

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