Every so often a statistic comes along in the NHL that makes you scratch your head. This is one of those statistics, brought to the surface thanks to the folks at Reddit Hockey. In fact, it may be one that you’re going to run off and Google as soon as you see the title of this article.

As of Feb. 12, 2018, Tuukka Rask has the best career save percentage in NHL history. He actually has been near or at the top for a while now, but it’s not often you pull the all-time save percentage records.

Dating back to his debut in 2007, Rask has appeared in 431 regular season games and has a .923 (technically .9229) save percentage. That’s enough to narrowly beat out the great Dominik Hasek who had a .9223 during his time in the NHL between 1990 and 2008.

If that sounds crazy (it is), consider that eight of the 10 players with the best career save percentages are currently active in the NHL. Seventeen of the top 20 are active.

Here are the 10 best who have played in more than 250 career games:

As bonkers as Rask’s numbers are, this should paint what Hasek was able to accomplish in an even more impressive light. Hasek played in a different era and would likely find himself on top of this list had he been active in the more modern NHL. Can you imagine Hasek in an era with limited scoring and improved equipment? It wouldn’t be fair.

Tables like the one above are almost silly because they fail to truly tell the whole story. Like box office numbers that need to be adjusted for inflation, hockey stats need to be adjusted for the era they occurred in. Still, stats are stats and maybe it’s time to end some of the “Rask is good, but not great” discussions happening in Boston and around the NHL.

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