This week, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is being honored by his hometown for winning Defensive Rookie of the Year and being a first-team All Pro. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native will receive the key to the city on Tuesday, and he got to drop the puck at the Hershey Bears AHL game this past Sunday.

It’s at the Bears game where things got slightly awkward. As Parsons walked out onto the ice to drop the puck, he did that in a very literal way. Instead of the photo op where the players simulate a faceoff, Parsons just dropped the puck to nobody in particular. It was all in good fun though. Parsons did much better with his second attempt and the Bears apologized over social media.

Parsons didn’t escape from total scrutiny, though. His Penn State compadre Saquon Barkley poked some fun at Parsons’ expense.

Either way, getting to drop the puck at a hockey game had to have been a great experience.


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