The Minnesota Wild paid tribute to Prince after he passed by aligning t-shirts in the stands in the shape of the state of Minnesota and his famous Love Symbol. Apparently, the Wild aren’t done honoring the legendary recording artist.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the team sent an email to season ticket holders, asking the fans if they wanted to use his “Let’s Go Crazy” as the team’s goal song. They had used it in Game 6 of last year’s first round against the Wild, and some thought it should be permanent. Well now, they’re getting the chance to make that happen.

A copy of the email sent to the fans, from the Star-Tribune:

After Prince passed away in April, a few fans reached out to see if the Wild would consider changing the home ice goal celebration song to “Let’s Go Crazy”, in honor of the legendary Minnesota artist. We did use it as our goal song for Game 6 against Dallas. We thought it would be a good time to ask our best fans, our Season Ticket Holders, what they thought. Should the Wild change the home ice goal celebration song at Xcel Energy Center?

NO! The current song (Joe Satriani’s “Crowd Chant”) is perfect!

YES! Honor Prince by adopting “Let’s Go Crazy!”

Yes! But let us pick the new one from a number of options.

Yes! And here is the song that I recommend:

This seems like a great move by the Wild. Even if the fans ultimately decide not to change the song, it’s good to at least test the waters. Prince was a global icon, and meant so much to the state of Minnesota that not giving it consideration would be an abomination.

As popular as Prince is, I would guess that the vote goes in favor of the change, but time will certainly tell.

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