On Saturday night, Carey Price caused a play stoppage in one of the more unusual ways seen in a while. On the road against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens’ goalie managed to flip a puck from his net perfectly into a camera hole at Scotiabank Arena.

With a Leafs’ forechecker approaching him quickly, Price made the decision to play the puck outside of his net, accidentally backhanding it right into the narrow hole meant for photographers.

From this angle, you can see someone snapping photos dodge the puck. It’s not a bad souvenir.

Let’s hope the photographer got as good of a shot as Darryl Dyck did with this magnificent picture in a similar situation six years ago.

Pucks going through the camera hole don’t always end well for photographers. Toronto Star photog Steve Russell was hit and bruised with a puck in 2009 after a Ryan Miller clearing attempt.

Thankfully, Price’s shot didn’t injure anyone. For those wondering, he didn’t get a penalty for delay of game. However, the Canadiens would go on to lose 6-3.

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