It’s extremely common to see an NHL team play soccer to loosen up before a game, but the attention usually returns to hockey as soon as the players hit the ice. That wasn’t the case for the New York Rangers ahead of their playoff game against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday.

During their on-ice warmup, a few Rangers decided to give a different sport a shot. J.T. Miller assumed the role of center and hiked a puck to new quarterback Mats Zuccarello. Zuccarello then launched a pass (can’t tell if the puck spiraled or not) down the ice.

Based on Zuccarello’s reaction, we’re going to assume this pass was incomplete.

Mike Milbury is going to have a cow over this one after he ranted against P.K. Subban and called him a “clown” for dancing on the ice during Nashville’s warmup.

Every player and every team has their own way of preparing for a big game. In the Rangers’ case – similar to Subban’s case – the players decided to handle the pressure by keeping the atmosphere light once they hit the ice. You can’t really fault a team for trying to have a few laughs before the mood becomes more serious.

So, which NFL team is going to try and draft Zuccarello?

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