NFL legendary quarterback Brett Favre is in legal jeopardy for his role in the mass embezzlement of Mississippi state welfare funds to fund a volleyball arena and football facility at his alma mater, Southern Miss. University.

Favre’s own shady text messages link him to the scheme, in which he jokes that he’s too old for federal prison. The former head of Mississippi’s welfare department has struck a plea deal with federal and state prosecutors, which legal experts predict means deep trouble for Favre.

Kate Briquelet of The Daily Beast revealed another of Favre’s thefts on Wednesday when the outlet published details of Favre directing $60,000 from his nonprofit for “disadvantaged children” to bankroll “a volleyball facility at [his daughter’s] top-performing high school.”

The NFL world, which has recoiled in disgust to every salacious detail of Favre’s misdeeds, reacted in kind to the newest revelation.

“Every time I see a Brett Favre tweet my first thought is [go directly to jail,]” Jason Rosenbaum tweeted.

“This guy sucks so much,” said John Healy.

“When you think Brett Favre can’t get any worse, he does. Dude is absolute scum and needs to be sent to jail and required to pay back that money,” tweeted a user.

“Brett Favre is the scummiest of scum,” said Jordan Toiyama.

“If I’m his older daughter I’m questioning if my dad even loves me. What fraud has he done for me?” asked another Twitter user.

It remains to be seen if Favre will face any state or federal charges for the theft.

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