Andrew Peters minor hockey fight

Andrew Peters had 106 recorded NHL fights from 2002 through 2011, but now, he may be in trouble for his role in a brawl during a game of 15-year-olds. Peters, who spent most of his NHL career playing for the Buffalo Sabres, is now the head coach of their affiliated Buffalo Jr Sabres 15U midget team. That team’s game Saturday against the Hamilton Bulldogs involved a full brawl on the ice, and Peters appears to get involved with an opposing player at one point, leading to this YouTube video titled “Former NHL player Andrew Peters punches 15 year old”:

The alleged punch comes about 22 seconds in there. That video is shot from the other side of the ice, so it’s not perfectly clear what Peters did (there are people in the comments defending him, with one saying “All Coach Peters did was push the kid off our bench”), but he certainly did get physically involved with an opposing player. Shannon Shepherd, a reporter for Buffalo CBS affiliate WIVB-4, has confirmed that the Buffalo police are investigating the incident:

Whether it was a shove or punch, this certainly isn’t an incident that looks good for Peters. A coach involved in a fight with a 15-year-old would be bad no matter who it was, but when that coach is a 6’4”, 240-pound famed NHL enforcer, it’s perhaps even more problematic. We’ll see what comes of the police investigation.

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