In this week’s NHL Mailbag, we try to help the people and make the NHL All-Star Game better. Also, you should be watching The Young Pope. And why is the league so stubborn about making the product better? Do we just have to do this all ourselves? OK! Mailbag!

1. Fall-Star

People have a lot of All-Star questions and they want me, the fixer, to talk about what was bad and how I would fix it. I’m honored. Let’s fix it.

I was in and out of the skills competition. Love me some Kenny Albert, hate me some Jeremy Roenick and Pierre McGuire. I heard Pierre orgasming because two or three consecutive shooters went to Wisconsin and I had to check out. I couldn’t do it. The skills competition is supposed to be fun and there’s nothing less fun than Pierre listing colleges and junior hockey teams while a guy is trying to hit a target.

Roenick is constantly asking people technical questions about each competition. Who. Cares. Get me literally anyone funny to talk into the microphone between these events.