This NHL Mailbag was compiled on an (observed) holiday, so it’s possible many of the people that posited questions were doubly hung over from New Year’s Eve. In an effort to appease all customers, I have answered every question received, making the effort of the exhausted people on Twitter worth it. Why wasn’t Tom Wilson suspended for murdering John Moore? Will Vegas get an outdoor game? Let’s play 20 Questions. Let’s mailbag.

1. Sticking It

No. Many people do not like Gary Bettman and that sometimes manifests itself in the form of hoping for negative outcomes in his life.

2. Playoffs

The Red Wings aren’t making the playoffs. The Leafs probably aren’t, but they’ve got a real shot. I’d be surprised if Detroit made a run, but not if Toronto got there. They’re good and young.

3. Vegas Heat


Well, no, with one caveat: Do the Blackhawks want to play Vegas in an outdoor game? If yes, then yes.

4. Strong Armed

Yes. The rink is a great distance from the closest seats, so the hats would not reach the inside of the rink. Even if someone with a very strong arm tried, the weight and physics involved in throwing such a light object would prevent the headwear from reaching the playing surface.

5. Evgeni Mal-scoring-kin-g