Harambe continues to live on in the sporting world and is now popping up on ugly Christmas sweaters.

At 19, Auston Matthews might already be one of the most talented forwards in the NHL. He scored four goals in his debut and has since proved to be a consistent source of offense for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Matthews has shown a maturity on the ice greater than his peers, but it’s important to remember he’s still a teenager who is the main demographic for all things Harambe.

Check out the ugly Christmas sweater Matthews recently wore which pays tribute to everyone’s favorite gorilla:

RIP #uglysweaterszn

A photo posted by Auston Matthews (@auston_matthews) on

That’s quite the outfit.

Matthews may just be trying to keep pace with another young star’s fashion game. Matthew Tkachuk of the Calgary Flames is trailing Matthews in the scoring department, but he showed his love for Harambe before he even made his NHL debut.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing here is the fact the whole Harambe thing hasn’t faded into obscurity yet.

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