Considering the current state of the world, there’s nothing better than a feel-good story. Granted, even in the best of times, there’s nothing wrong with a feel-good story. So, without further adieu, here’s a feel-good story.

Oilers winger Patrick Maroon was in his hometown of St. Louis on Monday as Edmonton took on the Blues. (That is, they played a hockey game against the team from St. Louis, they weren’t battling seasonal affective disorder. This has been a bad joke.) Maroon’s wife and son were on hand to see him score a goal, which is pretty cool.

Even cooler was post-game, as Maroon was shown the video during an interview, and his reaction to his son’s reaction pulled on the heartstrings:

There’s something very touching about watching normally stoic professional athletes reveal their humanity. Plus, as he noted, he doesn’t get to see his son often. That’s a side of being a professional athlete that is often forgotten. It’s overall a pretty desirable lifestyle, to be sure, but there’s still a massive element of travel and time committed.

This is great, and hopefully his son gets to watch him score plenty more goals this season, one way or another.

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