The Columbus Blue Jackets fought hard to avoid being swept by the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 4 of their opening round series, but the biggest punch occurred out in the concourse following the game.

After the Penguins fell by a 5-4 score on the road in Columbus, things got a bit heated between fans. By the looks of the video, a couple Penguins fans got into a shouting match with Blue Jackets fans. When one large Columbus fan tried to intervene, the Penguins fan threw a nasty right.

It looks like the Penguins fan nailed the Jackets fan and then tried to scurry away, running towards the exit. Several Columbus fans pursued, but that’s unfortunately where the video ends.

Evidently, security grabbed the Penguins fan and held him on the ground just past the metal detectors, as seen in this photo from Todd which he sent to us on Facebook. Thanks Todd!

It goes without saying that this type of behavior is stupid. Getting into a physical fight over the outcome of a hockey game is one of the dumbest things you can do as a fan of the sport and a representative of your team at an away game. Worse is the fact this fan threw one punch and then tried to bail, adding even more fuel to the argument that the Penguins (and now their fans) can start things, but then cower away when it’s time to answer the bell.

If you’re at a hockey game, be respectful. It doesn’t matter which team you’re supporting, be respectful to all the fans around you. It’s really that simple. Unfortunately, this one idiot will cause all Penguins fans to be painted with a very ugly brush of negativity. There’s a lot of good Penguins fans out there (just like there are for all teams), but sometimes it only takes one or two bad apples to spoil the bunch.

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