Nashville Predators fans really like to throw things—mainly dead catfish—on the ice.

After a Predators fans got arrested for throwing a catfish on the ice in Pittsburgh, you would think fans might cool it a bit. Instead, they responded by throwing lots of things into the ice when the Predators hosted their first Stanley Cup Final game against Pittsburgh.

Preds coach Peter Laviolette asked fans to stop it in a PSA released Monday on Twitter.

Here’s the full text of the PSA:

Hey everyone, showing good sportsmanship is part of being good citizens of Smashville. That means not throwing anything on the ice, putting both our players and the officials in danger. Help us secure our home-ice advantage, and prevent us from being penalized for unnecessary reasons. Please don’t throw anything on the ice, and thank you for being the best fans in the National Hockey League.

Good luck with that one, Pete.


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