This is the worst – a Nashville Predators fan won tickets to a Stanley Cup Final game, which he had no idea about because he didn’t log on to his Twitter account.

Nashville Predators fan Andrew Fudge returned from a long hiatus on Twitter to check his DMs. After seeing a message from the Predators official Twitter account, Fudge looked into it and found an important note that he completely missed: He won tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals, more than a month ago.

I can’t imagine how Mr. Fudge feels.

Knowing you could have watched your favorite team play in the Stanley Cup Final for free, but didn’t check your Twitter in time is absolutely heartbreaking. Fudge saw the DM more than a month after the fact, and not the following day, so at least he’s had time to reflect on the Predators Cup run (not that will help him find solace).

As of the writing of this post, the Predators or the NHL haven’t responded to Fudge. Hopefully, the organization can help him out and give him free tickets to an upcoming game or some merch to ease the pain. Although considering he didn’t check his DMs, the Predators really don’t owe him anything. But it sure would be a good marketing move to give this sad story a happy ending.

My suggestion to Fudge? Add notifications to your Twitter app. That way, when you win a massive prize, you’re aware and can avoid this type of disaster.

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