Game 3 is generally a pivotal game regardless of the series scoreline, but when one team is down 2-0, it becomes incredibly important.

The difference between being down 3-0 and 2-1 is enormous, and Nashville has no interest in losing tonight’s game 3 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. But the raucous home crowd would have to wait an uncomfortably long time to cheer, as the Penguins took a first period lead, maintaining their one-goal cushion until the second period.

But then, after a Penguins penalty provided the Predators a power play, and they took advantage:

Tough deflection left Murray no chance at the save there. The Predators weren’t satisfied with the 1-1 scoreline, though, as less than a minute later (game time) they did this:

That’s where the game remains as of now, with plenty of time still to go, but Nashville definitely looks like they’re not going away any time soon, especially with the home crowd behind them.

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