Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk didn’t hold back his anger towards Sidney Crosby for slashing Sens defenseman Marc Methot’s fingertip off on Thursday night.

Referees didn’t call a slashing penalty on Crosby, which greatly confused Melnyk. Acting like a first grader, Melnyk called Crosby “a whiner” and suggested he sit the rest of the season during an appearance on TSN 1200. 

“We all know who he is, the guy is just a whiner beyond belief and you do this kind of stuff, I don’t care who you are in the league, I don’t care if you’re the number one player in the league, you should sit out a long time for this kind of crap.”

“I think the only way to do it is you wipe the guy off the map. Not one or two games, (but) 10. How about a season for a few of these guys,” said Melnyk. “You take my guy, I take your guy. That’s my attitude.”

Melnyk should be pissed, but, his anger is misdirected. Unquestionably, seeing one of his players get maimed stings. But, there was zero maliciousness in Crosby’s actions. Regardless of stature, Crosby made a hockey play and it resulted in a gruesome injury. That’s it. 

Melnyk loves spouting nonsense while wearing a tinfoil hat. He’s the man who worked with forensic doctors to prove Matt Cooke meant to injure Erik Karlsson in 2013. Clearly, he cares. After all, he wants to protect his players so much, he publicly stated he didn’t want Karlsson to go to the Olympics.

At this point, Melnyk’s comments should be taken with a giant grain of salt. The league isn’t looking to suspended or discipline Crosby. At worst, it’s a missed penalty.

Melnyk needs to take a deep breath and allocate his time on other issues. Gruesome injury or not, calling Crosby a “whiner” and claiming he needs to sit the rest of the season is absurd. It’s time to grow up.

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