The marketing geniuses at the LA Kings decided to make Snoop Dogg the celebrity guest of honor for Hockey Night in LA for tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. His responsibilities in this role including being the DJ during warm-ups, dropping the ceremonial puck at center ice, and doing play by play with the Fox Sports West announcing booth. This was obviously one of the greatest ideas ever concocted in sports media which we’re chronicling for you below.

Before starting his play by play duties, Snoop warmed up the crowd. I hope to god the LA traffic didn’t keep interested fans from missing this.

Snoop apparently rolled to the game with a pair of women dressed as Princess Leah because why not right?

And Snoop with the puck drop.

And now onto Snoop’s debut in the booth where he was VERY in favor of seeing a fight while on the mic. If only we could have been that lucky.

“Put some heat on it”

Honestly, I could listen to this all day.

Snoop gave himself high marks on the night and we didd too.

So while I’d like to say the MVP for tonight goes to Snoop, whosever brainchild this was deserves a god damn raise. We live in incredible times.

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