Regardless of the sport, I am a huge sport history geek. And now you can watch most of the Stanley Cup Final winning goals from the past 84 years.

Granted, not every Stanley Cup Final is represented in this video but it does a good job showing the vast majority of them. Particularly in the early days where TV wasn’t a standard thing and not everything was documented via video.

The video starts in 1933 where, in the seventh NHL season, New York Rangers Bill Cook scored the first overtime Stanley Cup Final winning goal in the history of the Stanley Cup. And after a few gaps in the 30s and 40s, this video has every goal from 1950 to 2017 except in the 2005 NHL lockout. The video includes the previous 73 of 84 goals including Patric Hornqvist’s winning goal this year.

This is a pretty impressive compilation and definitely a great way to go through the history of hockey. From the black and white days where players didn’t wear helmets, the scoreboard consisted of an actual clock, the fans dressing in suits and no ads at all to the modern day, it’s a great glimpse at some great moments in the Stanley Cup Final.

[GoCanucksGo on YouTube]

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