Fighting is fading out of the NHL, but every now and then a bout pops up that sends the hockey community into a frenzy. Such was the case when Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars started jawing with Dustin Byfuglien of the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night.

Considering both players have a series of impressive fights on their resume, the idea of them dropping the gloves was pretty exciting.

Fans were treated to a fun and quick heavyweight scrap.

We wish this fight would have lasted a bit longer, but it was still pretty awesome for what it was. There’s something strangely satisfying about a hockey fight where someone’s helmet goes flying off after a punch.

Keep in mind that Benn, who is listed at 6’2″ and 209 pounds, isn’t a pushover. He has had some awesome, dominant fights throughout his NHL career. However, facing the larger Byfuglien (6’5″, 260 pounds), he didn’t appear to have much of a chance. Big Buff is a different category of player.

Byfuglien, and his incredible size and strength, are one of a kind in the NHL. If he is lining up a big hit or if he’s about to drop the mitts, you better stop and pay attention because it’s probably going to be something special.

Here’s hoping for a rematch when these two meet again on November 6th.

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