Duncan Keith is one of the best defensemen in Chicago Blackhawks history, who just so happens to be playing in his 1000th career game on Saturday against the St. Louis Blues. In celebration of the occasion, the Blackhawks social media team has been peppering their feed with Keith facts, quotes and more. They’ve even created a logo for him.

Using a #DK1K hashtag to celebrate, the Blackhawks unveiled this logo for Keith’s 1000th game.

That totally looks like “dik” right? Well, at least most people thought so.

I’m not quite sure why Chicago didn’t just add an extra K as they did for the hashtag because that certainly does look like “dik.” I could sort of seeing it make sense if Keith’s jersey number was 1, but it’s 2. There’s really no reason why there isn’t an extra K in there to split it up and make things a little less silly looking. The logo is different than the hashtag. Why?

With the Blackhawks not celebrating Keith’s 1000th game until tomorrow, Twitter is going to have a field day until that time. Hopefully, the team has a towel giveaway with the logo on it. That’d be fitting.

Kudos to the Hawks for sticking with the logo (for now) even if it’s unintentionally hilarious.


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