The St. Louis Blues captured their first Stanley Cup in franchise history with a 4-1 win over the Boston Bruins. Game 7 wasn’t exactly a thriller, in the traditional sense. For most of the third period, the result never felt in doubt; the Blues stepped on the Bruins and never let them up, going up 4-0 at one point before relinquishing a meaningless goal with a few minutes remaining.

That the game itself wasn’t a thriller doesn’t mean there weren’t thrilling moments.

Here was a near-miss for the Blues, for example, with the puck bouncing around and somehow not crossing the goal line:

Many of them came courtesy of Blues goalie Jordan Binnington, who refused to be beaten for most of the contest.

The third goal, which felt like the end of the series when it went in:

And then, the Blues were champions.

A fun moment after, as Gary Bettman’s mic didn’t work, meaning we got a silent Bettman as Boston fans booed the hell out of him:

So there we have it. The Blues are Stanley Cup champions for the first time ever, Boston fans are disappointed, and those are two acceptable outcomes.

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