The Golden Knights were playing in their first ever Stanley Cup Finals game tonight, and they managed to pack more drama into one game than most teams do in decades. After a frantic, action-packed first period, things never let up, and the Golden Knights held a 5-4 lead with time winding down in the third.

That led to one of the most exciting things in sports: a pulled goalie, a man advantage for Washington, and the Golden Knights defending with desperation. It led to a ridiculous sequence on both ends, starting with this Caps chance that was, well, golden:

That’s a tremendous play by Golden Knights defenseman Brayden McNabb to prevent the shot and preserve the scoreline. Its importance was underlined a few seconds later, when the Golden Knights forced a turnover, the puck came free, and Tomas Nosek put the game to bed:

That’s a hell of a turn of events. A few more looks at both plays:

And that was that. Doc Emrick wrapped things up very nicely, because he’s the best in the business:

What a game. Game 2 is Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern, and if it’s half as fun as Game 1, it can’t get here fast enough.

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