When it comes to little kids playing sports, it is all about the love of the game. Sure, it can be competitive at times, but the best part about youth sports is the pure joy that is shared for the sport.

One little boy in Brampton, Ontario, Noah Young, has become an immediate viral star by dancing in his goalie gear. It should come as no surprise why he has gone viral, as the contrast between the little boy and his huge pads makes for one silly visual.

The video has been viewed over one million times in less than 24 hours on Facebook. In the video above, Young is dancing to the popular song “Juju On That Beat”, which multiple other athletes have been caught dancing to the song as well, including most notably, Joel Embiid before a game during shootaround. None have done it as well as little Noah, though.

When asked about the new found viral fame, Young’s mother Paige Roswell said, “This is kind of insane.” She also adds, “When he’s not at net, you’ll see him dancing on the bench every time the whistle blows.”

Whether he is on the bench or on the ice, Noah is going to keep dancing, and we are all better for it.

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