Dustin Byfuglien is a big, terrifying player. He’s been known to throw his weight around the ice, delivering some huge hits over the course of his career. Usually those hits are on just one person at a time, but that all changed Monday night.

Racing back to try and prevent an odd-man rush, Byfuglien wiped out three guys at once – two Sharks and one teammate – before also crashing into the boards.

The video below clearly falls into the “things you don’t see very often” category.

The broadcast described the whole event as a train wreck and that’s pretty accurate. It’s not often you see four players slam into the boards all at once. It’s even more unusual to see one player cause this much destruction on a relatively innocent play.

Byfuglien was trying to maintain his position while skating back, but he ended up causing a pile of destruction behind the Winnipeg goal after what amounted to a simple shove. That push from Big Buff started a chain reaction of falling bodies and some dangerous collisions into the boards.

Remarkably, no one was hurt on the play which is almost as amazing as the play itself. Add yet another incredible hit to Byfuglien’s already impressive resume.

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