Friday night’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Edmonton Oilers was a wild one featuring some awesome goals and some even crazier saves. The 3-2 shootout win by the Penguins was an epic clash between the game’s most established star (Sidney Crosby) and one representing the new guard (Connor McDavid).

We’re neglecting maybe five other highlights which could be praised in articles of their own, but this save from Marc-Andre Fleury was just ridiculous.

Scorpion saves are extremely rare in hockey, but that’s exactly what Fleury pulled off on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

That’s just absurd. It’s difficult to determine with any kind of accuracy whether or not the shot would have actually gone in or whether it would have hit off the net/post, but it looks like the puck could have slipped in and Fleury narrowly kept it out. Your opinion on whether or not this would have been a goal may change depending on the angle of the replay, but it’s a stunning save regardless.

How did Fleury know Nugent-Hopkins was going to elevate the puck? He said he figured the shot might come in high, but who knows whether or not Fleury’s sprawling save was more intentional or lucky.

Does this save remind you of a famous retired goaltender? Whenever the “scorpion save” label is thrown around, Dominik Hasek should instantly come to mind.

Remember this scorpion save on Adam Graves?

Fleury’s stop isn’t quite as good as this infamous one from Hasek, but it’s still pretty incredible.


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