When it comes to sports, fans can be very superstitious. Take a step inside a Washington D.C. firehouse and you will see just the latest example of a superstition not to be messed with. At least as long as the Washington Capitals are fighting for a chance to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup above their heads this postseason.

Hockey players have playoff beards. Firefighters at one Washington D.C. firehouse have a figure of Evgeny Kuznetsov that resides on a TV stand next to a bottle of lotion. Taped to a wall above the figurine is a warning to not move it. As the signs states, Kuznetsov was in the same spot for the first three games of the first-round series against the Philadelphia Flyers, all won by the Capitals. Then somebody moved the figurine for the next two games. Those two games were won by the Flyers to force a Game Six in Philadelphia.

Guess where the figurine was for Game Six? You guessed it, back in its normal resting place. The Capitals eliminated the Flyers with a 1-0 victory and advanced to the second round to face the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Seriously, nobody touch the toy. Or the lotion.

[FOX Sports]

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