The Russian hockey league has given us some fantastic highlights. We can add this one to the list, thanks to Ufa Salavat Yulayev goaltender Andrei Gavrilov. When wants a drink, dammit, he’s getting a drink.

Great gifs are great gifs for a variety of reasons. This one comes from the “just wait for it” genre:

Take a look:

In a bizarre scene in the KHL, Andrei Gavrilov went to drink water as a live play was unfolding against Dynamo Moscow. Gavrilov just chills as an opposing two-on-one is just missed on a tip. Gavrilov doesn’t even try to stop the puck. I couldn’t find the context here, but perhaps the play was already blown dead? I don’t know. Gavrilov clearly doesn’t give a crap regardless of what’s unfolding.

Amazingly, Gavrilov stopped 24 shots, allowing just one goal in a 2-1 Salavat victory. So whatever was going on during this play aside, he was locked in. If the tip would have gone in and counted, it would have been an entirely different story. Whatever works, I guess.

It’s been an odd week for seemingly bored goaltenders:

That’s at least a 9.2.

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