We now know why Michael Phelps made his much meme’d scowl at the Rio Olympic Games – he was listening to Future.

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist presented at the MTV VMA’s on Sunday night, where he threw praise towards the Atlanta rapper. Phelps came out to loud applause, declaring on stage there “is no rapper more inspiring than Future.”

The 31-year-old then admitted he was listening to the rapper’s hit “Stick Talk” when he made the now infamous face at rival Chad Le Clos.

Here’s the track for reference.

Here’s a sample of the ‘inspiring’ lyrics from the track.

“10 million dollars cash, fuck a friend
Started sipping syrup, I’ve been geeked ever since
Gotta keep that heat on the seat ever since
You know we talk that stick talk, that stick talk
I’m ’bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy
‘Bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy
You can’t understand us ‘cause you’re too soft
Taliban bands, run ’em straight through the machinery”

I’m not sure I’d give Future the title as the most inspiring rapper, but, I understand where Phelps is coming from. Regardless of lyrical content, Future helped pump Phelps up during Rio, helping him capture five gold medals. He was inspired to perform better because of the Future track.

Inspiration often comes from unlikely sources. In Phelps case, it came from the uber-popular mumble rapper.

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