Michael Phelps Wheaties box

Wheaties and American Olympic champions are a tradition that has stood the test of time and all the changes in the modern media world. Now the famous cereal box will have its first ever lifetime achievement box handed out, and the special box will commemorate American Olympic legend Michael Phelps.

After setting the record with 23 gold medals, Phelps announced his retirement from swimming following the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Less than two weeks later, Wheaties has decided to honor him with a box cover no one has ever received.

Phelps will grace the cover of the cereal box for the third time in his life, and he is pumped to receive the honor according to his interview on the Today Show on NBC.

“The greatest athletes in the world have been able to be on the box of Wheaties,“ Phelps said. “To be able to have the first career achievement Wheaties box, it just keeps getting better and better.”

What will this special box actually look like? Wheaties couldn’t wait to get that out on social media either.

His final Olympic swim meet was a highly successful one, with Phelps winning five gold medals and one silver medal along the way.

As for his future now that competitive swimming isn’t in his future? He has said he’ll be joining the Arizona State swim team as an assistant coach for this season.

We’re also guessing there is going to be a lot of family time with his new wife and young baby (who I’m sure you saw just a time or two in Rio) in his near future.

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