Protesting calls is nothing new in the world of sports, no matter the level of competition or the sports being played.

But at the 2016 Olympics, a pair of Mongolian coaches took their protests to new heights, stripping off their clothes in opposition to a ruling by officials that resulted in the bronze medal being awarded to Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Uzbekistan instead of their wrestler, Mandakhnaran Ganzorig.

The said call came with seven seconds left in the match, as Ganzorig, leading 7-6, began celebrating prematurely in front of Navruzov, ready to receive what he thought would be a bronze medal. As time expired, he fell out on the mat and was covered with a Mongolian flag. However, officials penalized Ganzoring for not engaging Navruzov in the final seconds, which tied the score at 7-7. The Mongolian coaches’ protest failed, which pushed Navruzov ahead 8-7 and allowed him to claim the bronze medal. 

It was then that one of the coaches lost all patience. He proceeded to go full Hulk-mode, stripping off his clothes down to his underwear and roaring his displeasure at the ruling to the entire crowd. It didn’t take long for the other coach to follow suit.

Here are some glorious photos:

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