Green pool water

The Olympic diving pool has turned a snotty shade of green and nobody can figure out why.

Athletes and members of the media have taken to Twitter to show how one of the diving pools at the 2016 Rio Olympics has turned green. The clean pool side-by-side with the dirty pool shows the stark color difference.  It’s just a bit unsettling.

Would green water cancel scheduled events? Absolutely not. The women’s synchronized 10m diving final is ongoing as the teams are jumping off the diving board into the muddied water. Take a look at Team Canada do a beautiful dive, only to land in disgusting pond water.

As a Twitter user pointed out, it’s possible the chlorine levels in the water are off and algae has formed. In order to recolor the water, a process known as “shocking” has to be administered in the pool. Let’s hope it’s all the pool needs, otherwise the mystery water could be dangerous.

The water could be fine, and even amid the chaos at Rio, it’s doubtful organizers would let divers jump into water which could be harmful. However, it doesn’t discount the weirdness of the situation. If water turned green at a local pool, fine. But this is the Olympic Games! Green water is unacceptable.

For the sake of the athletes jumping into the pool, hopefully, the green water can be changed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will keep distracting from the competition.

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