It’s no secret that the organizers in Rio have encountered a host of problems leading up to the 2016 Olympics, and they’ve all been nothing short of odd and outrageous. One of the recent problems involved a Rio official who happened to lose their keys to the Olympic Stadium.

Unable to locate their keys, workers had to end up using bolt cutters for officials to gain access to the venue. Locksmiths must be in short supply in Rio for officials to resort to basically breaking into their own venue. Losing keys is a bad feeling, but to lose the ones to Olympic stadium is pretty jarring, to say the least.

Thus far, with the potential worries of the Zika virus, the safety of the drinking water, and the living accommodations for the athletes being less than stellar, losing keys to the most important venue for the 2016 Olympics is not a good look for officials looking to instill faith in their ability to organize these international events. Based on the fact that the official lost his keys, the Olympic torch wouldn’t be lit at the rate that this is going.

Rio has an opportunity that a number countries would love to have. With Olympians like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt having the opportunity to make history in their respective events, the 2016 Olympics are setting up to be the most anticipated in years. Instead, officials are losing keys and people are hearing rhetoric that makes Rio’s conditions sound more like the Sochi Olympic Games with each passing day. We can only hope that officials can keep things together once the Olympics officially begin.

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