Russia Olympics bid

Still fresh off a terrific four-year run between hosting the Winter Olympics with dogs running through the Olympic Village and a Summer Olympics mired by a doping scandal, Russia is seriously considering throwing its hat in the ring to host the 2028 summer games.

Alexander Zhukov, president of Russia’s Olympic Committee, says the nation is considering three cities to serve as a potential host for the 2028 games, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s hard to say now, but why not? I think it’s completely possible to try,” Zhukov said. “It’s not just St. Petersburg, we also have Kazan which is a possibility. It’s also possible in Sochi.”

It is expected that a host city and nation for the 2028 games will be decided in 2021. Right now, the focus remains on the 2024 games, which will come down to Los Angeles, Paris, and Budapest.

If Russia does submit a bid for the 2028 games, it will likely have to address many of the concerns faced with the 2014 games in Sochi in addition to oversight issues for drug problems within the Russian delegation.

That does not necessarily mean Russia would automatically be rejected or disqualified, especially if Russia has a few bucks to slide under the counter (or perhaps some presidential suites and hookers to provide for whatever you please).


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