Shaun White has been around a very long time for a 31-year-old. White won his first halfpipe  gold medal in Turin in 2006, and followed it up with another win in Vancouver four years later.

He came up short in 2014, but tonight he was back in with a shot. Sitting in second ahead of his final run, he needed a flawless performance to leapfrog to first place.

Here’s what he put down:

The judges took their sweet time to announce their final decision, but this was the moment it was announced:

Certainly a great moment for White, who has been one of the faces of NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage despite having been the subject of a harrasment accusation in 2016, which he settled last year. NBC’s been silent on that, though they did mention the crash he had to overcome from a few months ago. Truly a redemptive arc for the ages.


[screengrab courtesy Clippit/NBC Sports]

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