The official Opening Ceremony uniforms for Team USA are here, and in the spirit of diplomacy, appear to be taking a cue from the hottest Kremlin-inspired fashions.

Ralph Lauren and the United States Olympic Committee, who collaborated on the design, must have felt bad for a Russian contingent that might be unable to participate in next month’s Games. Because America’s athletes will be rocking what certainly looks like a giant Russian flag on their chests at next Friday’s Opening Ceremony.

It turns out the Russians may have hacked more than just the Democratic Party. Not even our Olympic uniforms are safe from foreign meddling.

This makes it two straight Summer Olympics that Team USA’s opening outfit has come under scrutiny. At the London Games in 2012 the uniform came under fire for being manufactured in China. A fact that upset many, including Senator Harry Reid who wanted to, “Put ’em in a pile and burn ’em.” The 2016 iteration could be worn by the athletes representing one of our biggest geopolitical rivals, but hey, at least this time they were made in America!

If you still think these uniforms look pretty sharp despite their treasonous appearance, then you purchase one of your own off the Ralph Lauren website. However, if you want to dress like your favorite Russian/American athlete, it will cost you.

The entire outfit will set you back $1,512.20. If you are looking to stay within budget, don’t worry, you can buy each individual item of the uniform on its own. Here are those prices:

Wool blazer: $695
Shoes: $350
Jeans: $195
Wrist strap: $98
T-shirt: $89.50
Belt: $85


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